Web IT

Oxjno installs servers and configures networks for you; it will also develop Internet / Extranet / Intranet complex customized applications, and it will keep the safety level of your network to the utmost thanks to the management of infrastructures and software that has been optimized for your needs.

Web Marketing

An internet website is not enough: you must play the lead! The worldwideweb offers many opportunities. The Oxjno agency can set your web site in the first pages of search engines (SEO), in this way you will enjoy a high visibility, and it will give you the advantage over your competitors. moreover, the Oxjno web agency offers you: pay-per-click (PPC), campaigns through banners, customised e-mails, micro-sites and viral marketing.

Web Development

Is your company experiencing problems as far as the management of information is concerned? Do you need a CMS software to rationalize and streamline your job? Do you wish to implement e-commerce or develop a managerial system for your activity? Our highly qualified team will find the appropriate solution for your business.

Web Design

The force of the Internet is to convey your identity by means of a global image: what is important is to identify and be identified. Oxjno is a web agency specialized in web design which will help you designing and constructing your new website that is going to be as much beautiful as accessible and usable.